Outdoor Solar Lights, Ollivage 30 LED Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor Dual Head Spotlights IP65 Waterproof 360° Adjustable LED Solar Motion Lights for Front Door Garage Patio Deck, 2 Pack

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How to turn on the solar motion sensor lights?
1.Cover the solar panel on the top of the light with your hand or put it upside down, then use the pin insert the on/off button at an angle tilt up slightly, you’ll hear it click and the light will lit up.
2.If the solar motion light doesn’t lit up, please charge it under direct sunlight without any shelter for 1-2 sunny days.
3.It doesn’t lit up during the daytime or when other light shining on it at night/dark since the solar light has built in light-operated sensor element.

LED Quantity: 30 LED
Sensing Angle: 360°
Sensing Distance: 5-8m/16.4-26ft
Ideal Mounting Height: 2m/6.5ft
Size: 7.9 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches
Brightness: 800lm
Li-ion Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh
Working mode: auto turns on at dusk and off at dawn

Packing include:
2* Solar Sensor Light
2* Switch Pinhole (use it open the light before installing)
4* Expansion Rubber Stopper
4* Screw
2* Manual

Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off
The solar security lights stays off and charges automatically during the daytime, it will turn on automatically and stays at low-consumption DIM mode whole night, only when movement is detected,it will turn to brighter mode.

360° Adjustable Angle
The outdoor solar lights can be rotated independently and flexibly to adjust any angle you want.

IP 65 Waterproof
The solar outdoor lights function well even in heavy rain, snowstorm and other terrible weather.

Strong Motion Dection
This solar motion lights detect movements up to 10 ft and 120°. When object is within range, the light turns on to maximum brightness for 30s, then return to dim mode to save energy.

Easy Installation
This solar wall lights can be easily mounted on walls with screws, suitable for patios, garages, workshops, storage rooms, front door, yard, garage, deck.

  • ☀ Pinhole Switch & 360° Rotatable Spotlights – Use the pin insert the on/off hole to PUSH the switch to turn on the light before installing. This solar motion lights with 360° solar panel and 360° rotatable spotlight, you can adjust any angle you want;
  • ☀ How does it work – The solar motion sensor light stays off and charges automatically during the daytime, it will lit up at DIM mode whole night, only when movement is detected and it will turn to brighter mode for 30 seconds. The sensor distance up to 26ft within 120 degree. Because the solar light has build-in light sensor element, it won’t lit on in the daytime or when other light shining on it at night;
  • ☀ IP65 Waterproof – Helps solar outdoor lights function well even in heavy rain, snowstorm and other terrible weather. Endurable and upgraded high capacity battery 2000mAh contributes to a long-time lifespan of at least 2 years;
  • ☀ Easy Installation & Widely Application – The solar wall lights outdoor can be mounted on the wall with screws. Perfect lighting solution for patios, garages, workshops, industrial workstations, storage rooms, equipment rooms,Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck;
  • ☀ AUTO ON/OFF DUSK TO DAWN – Please keep the solar panel in the darkness, then use the pin insert the on/off button at an angle tilt up slightly, you’ll hear it click and the light will lit up. For 12 months after the date of purchase, we take care of all quality-related issues with a REPLACEMENT OR FULL REFUND. Contact us via your order whenever you have any question, issue or concern. We promise to give prompt response within 24 hours.


Solar Energy: How Can It Help You?

No matter whether you’re thinking about solar energy for home or business, it can definitely lower your energy costs. Research has shown that every ten years, energy costs double. This is why solar energy is a smart thing to look into. Read on to learn the ins and outs of solar energy.

You should assess how much energy you need for your household before investing in a solar energy system. You will get the most out of your solar energy system if it is powerful enough to cover all your energy needs and allows you to sell a small quantity of power to the main grid.

Density of the panels plays a large part in the efficiency of them. High density panels cost more; however, they also produce a great deal more power. For this reason, the added expense is justified. Be sure to compare densities before picking your panels.

Look into your states initiatives on solar energy. Many have unique programs that can give you cash back for your solar energy commitment. There are other benefits as well, including benefits at tax time, so do your homework on what you may have coming back to you for being a solar energy leader.

Not every solar panel is created equally. Always buy from a reputable dealer that has been in business for a number of years. The solar energy marketplace is littered with businesses that do not succeed. Make sure the company you buy from will be around if you need help or have problems with your system.

Check that your solar panels will be mounted in a way that works with the climate you live in. Some areas are prone to cyclones and tornadoes, and it is important to choose a mounting system for your panels that can withstand high winds if you live in these areas. If you fail to do this, the first natural disaster could result in your panels becoming unattached and useless.

Remember – you get what you pay for! Yes, there are a lot of cheaper solar panels flooding into the market from abroad. But many of those panels might not last more than a few years, and solar energy is about a long term investment. It’s better to get solar panels known for their quality that’ll last for decades, rather than a cheap option that may only last a few years.

When using solar power, you do not have to worry about harming the environment in any way. Fossil fuels send harmful greenhouse gases off into the atmosphere, and they contribute to global warming and climate change. However, solar cells have no impact on the environment and are safe to use.

Solar water heaters have been around for hundreds of years. For over 50 years people have been using them to heat everything inside and outside the home. Over the years, these solar water heating systems have become much more efficient. If you are located in sunny areas of the country, you should look into buying a solar water system.

If you are building a vacation, rental or retirement home in a rural area, solar power can make a lot of sense. It can spare you the cost of a power line being routed to your home. At the very least it can give you some power in the case of local grid outages, as rural areas have power restored far more slowly than what you might be used to in a city.

You may wish to install your panels a few at a time to avoid a huge initial investment. Consider doing an energy audit to properly assess your energy needs and consumption. This will assist you in figuring out how you use energy, so you could make some adjustments. Also, you will not have to install many panels.

If you have a pool, don’t even think of heating it any other way than solar! This is easily the most efficient use of solar power there is and it will save you a bundle. Solar heating systems cost about the same or less than conventional systems and basically operate themselves so stop wasting your money doing it the old-fashioned way!

Many solar systems require little or no maintenance to operate smoothly throughout the year, but you should have them service occasionally. Dirt, leaves and dust can accumulate and reduce the amount of power that your system can produce. Have a licensed installer come out regularly to preform maintenance on your system.

If you are interested in joining the green movement and helping the Earth, harnessing power from the sun is the way to go. It’s natural, it’s clean and it’s renewable, which means that you can’t use it all up. Therefore, not only can solar power help you save money on your electricity bill, it is also good for the environment.

You should be considering the idea that solar energy can be a money earner for you. Whether you have one for your home or business, having a solar system will give you a quick return. This can help you get credit from a utility company if you sell the unused energy back to them.

Life can improve and the planet can be saved by those who use solar energy. With any luck, this piece has persuaded you of the terrific things solar power can offer. This piece is just a tiny bit of what you should know; use it to have success with solar energy.