MPP SOLAR 2400w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 80A MPPT Solar Charger DC 24V AC Output 110V 120V with 60A Utility Charger 50HZ or 60HZ

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This 2424LV-MSD is a 2.4kw/24vdc off-grid solar hybrid inverter with 110v/120v output designed with special focus for countries such as US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and other regions where 110V/120V load is used, without the need for an external step-down transformer. It contains a 80A MPPT solar charger (approx 2000w of PV) and a 60A utility AC charger.

The inverter is highly programmable with LCD menu functions and can support both 50hz or 60hz operation, as well as dual AC or DC priority mode and many other parameters.

This full-feature solar inverter also comes with genset starter dry contact (require inverter-type generator with remote start feature) and capability to support up to 6 units in parallel operation, in either single phase or three phase configuration (parallel kit is required for each unit in parallel, sold separately). Free monitoring program WatchPower is included with purchase.

*Note: please be careful this unit does NOT work with 220-240v load nor can it be used in a “split phase” application. There is no UL certification with this inverter. If your State requires one then please do not place order as it is not suitable

  • ☑ High quality 2400W 24vdc battery-based pure sine wave solar inverter with 110V/120Vac output design for USA, Canada and Puerto Rico power standards. Both 50Hz and 60Hz load can be supported through LCD programming
  • ☑ Built-in max 80A 3-stage MPPT solar charger with up to 2000W PV output. Max 145V Voc input and 30V-80V MPPT range
  • ☑ Full feature LCD program allows users access to AC and DC output priority modes along with many other settings.
  • ☑ Parallel operation support up to 6 units, in single phase or three phase operation (parallel kit required for each unit, sold separately)
  • ☑ Other useful features include built-in genset starter dry contact (inverter-type generators required with remote start function) and bundled monitoring software in multi-platform OS (Windows, Mac, and Linux)


Is Solar Energy The Right Choice For You?

If you are looking to reduce your energy consumption, solar energy is the way to go. Solar energy uses the sun to produce electricity. Read on for more insight and inspiration to help you get started with solar energy.

You should also consider a backup power system in the even your solar panels malfunction. Although a generator can be viable solution, you could also choose to remain plugged in to the power grid and harness traditional power during the times that your solar panels are malfunctioning. If you choose to get a generator, keep a few on hand and test them on a routine basis.

Even locations with cold weather and clouds can benefit from switching to solar energy. The solar power isn’t produced by temperature, it is produced by the sun’s rays. People often claim that they are able to get the most solar energy on days like these.

Solar energy is an excellent way to reduce energy costs in the long term. The pay-off won’t be complete for a few years into the future. This project is best postponed until you are sure you are not going anywhere.

If you wish to get a solar power system, stay away from high pressure salespeople. You’ll require time to get information on every option you see to make the best choice for yourself. If you’re pressured into buying things from someone then that could be the wrong decision and you’ll be out that money.

Keep shade issues in mind when installing solar panels. A panel that loses a quarter of its light can lose half its power production. The main thing to keep in mind is tree foliage. Are any trees going to grow in between the panels and sunlight? Consider trimming them back a little.

Find a reputable company. With the rapidly rising popularity of solar energy, new companies are springing up left and right to take advantage. A solar energy installation is a big purchase that should last you many years. When shopping for your system, look for a company that you can be confident will still be around ten or even twenty years from now.

When using solar power, you do not have to worry about harming the environment in any way. Fossil fuels send harmful greenhouse gases off into the atmosphere, and they contribute to global warming and climate change. However, solar cells have no impact on the environment and are safe to use.

Think about the money that you send to your power companies each month. How would you like to keep that money in your pocket? Changing to solar power will do that for you. After you pay off the initial investment, the money you used to pay to the power company will stay in your wallet.

Make sure to have your solar panels professionally installed. The installation of these panels needs to be very precise, and you do not want to mess it up. Having a professional installation also provides you with a warranty, and this gives you somewhere to turn if things are not working right.

Look into solar powered appliances. There are a number of products that are available that are powered by solar energy. One of the most popular is the solar powered water heaters. Just having one appliance run by solar energy can save you hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs.

One of the biggest and best advantages of solar energy is that it does not release any harmful substances in the environment. Fossil fuels, which are used for regular energy, give off harmful substances, like carbon dioxide. In the end, these gasses can ruin the environment and harm animals and plants.

Look into using solar energy to power your home in some way if you care anything at all for the environment. Solar energy harnesses the power of the sun, a free and entirely renewable source of power. Start using solar energy and stop using fossil fuels.

When determining whether solar energy is the best choice for you there are several consideration to take into account. First, you must ensure that your location receives at least 5 hours of sunlight each day. This will help ensure that your solar panels absorb enough energy to power your home.

Teaching your children about solar energy will help them embrace this alternative energy in their adulthood. Help them understand the difference between a renewable resource and the limitations of other types of fuel. If you start instilling this way of thinking early on, your children will be more responsible in their choices when they lead their own lives.

Check for government financial incentives when you considering solar energy. While the cost of purchasing and installing panels can be high, there are certain government grant, loan and rebate programs that can help offset this cost. By understanding these programs, you can make a smart financial investment that allows you to take advantage of this green energy source.

While solar panels can continue to work on days when it is not sunny, you should not have them installed if you live in an area that is cloudy most of the time. The amount of energy you save with them will not be worth the amount you paid for them.

Find a vendor who offers a lengthy warranty for your solar panels. A lengthy warranty is a sign that the vendor has faith in the products and it will help you save a lot of money in case your panels malfunction. Do some background research on the vendor you chose to make sure they are likely to still be around over the next decades.

Don’t waste your time lining the solar panels beneath an array of florescent lights–though it may sound tempting. Solar cells are not designed to generate a voltage from fluorescent light sources and this is a waste of energy of time. Any spot in the yard would be a better location for the panels.

As you have read, solar power is a smart choice, both for your home and the environment. Using this renewable energy source allows us to use what the universe provides. Use the tips this article has provided you with to make wise solar energy choices.