SUNGOLDPOWER 3000W Peak 9000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC 12V AC 120V with Battery AC Charger Solar Wind Power Inverters LCD Display Low Frequency Solar Converter

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SUNGOLDPOWER 3000W Peak 9000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

This Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch.GFCI socket ,low frequency,low Idle Current,BTS cable, remote control


1.Low Frequency Pure Sine Inverter With Charger
2.AC/Battery Priority Selector
3.Automatically Generator Start
4.GFCI Socket, Safety and Convenient
5.Marine Coated and Protected
6.LCD Display, Remote Control, BTS including
7.Low Idle Consumption
8.battery type settings for charger
9.Multi Stage Smart charger 90+/-5A, charger can be disable
10.10msec typical transfer time

Inverter Output:

Continuous Output Power: 3000 Watts
Surge Rating: 9000 Watts (20 Seconds)
Output: 110VAC, 60hz
Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave (bypass mode)
Typical Transfer Time: 10ms(MAX)
Nominal Efficiency: >88%

DC Input:

Nominal Input Voltage: 12.0Vdc
Minimum Start Voltage: 10.0Vdc
Low Battery Alarm: 10.5Vdc-11.0Vdc
Low battery Trip: 10.0Vdc-10.5Vdc (select by SW1)
High Voltage Alarm: 16.0Vdc
Low battery Voltage Restart: 13Vdc
Idle Consumption: 55.0 Watts
Power Saver Mode Idle Consumption: 21.7Watts

AC Charger Specifications:

Charger Rate: 90+/-5A
AC input Range(Grid or Generator): 80V-140VAC/90V-140VAC(select by SW2)
Over Charge Protection Shutdown:15.7V
Selectable Charge Setting based on battery type
Adjustable charge current: off-20%-100%
4-step intelligent battery charger


APC Low Frequency Pure Sine Inverter Charger
English Manual
Remote Control
BTS Cable


Unit Weight: 53lbs.
Unit Size L x W x H: 17.4×9.5×7.8inch
Shipping Weight: 57lbs
Shipping Size L x W x H : 23×12.6×12.0inch


  • 1. Adjustable Charging Current: The max charge current can be adjusted from 0%-100% via a liner switch at the right of the battery type selector. This will be helpful if you are using our powerful charger on a small capacity battery bank.the liner switch can effectively reduce the max charging current to 20% of its peak.Choosing “0” in the battery type selector will disable charging function
  • 2. AC/Battery Priority: Our inverter is designed with AC priority by default, when AC input is present, the battery will be charged first, and the inverter will transfer the input AC to power the load. the inverter can be easily customized to Battery priority via a DIP switch, When you choose battery priority, the inverter will invert from battery despite the AC input.
  • 3. Auto Gen Start:the inverter can be customized to start up a generator when the battery voltage goes low.When the inverter goes to low battery alarm, it can send a signal to start a generator, and turn the generator off after battery charging is finished. The auto gen start feature will only work with generators designed to work with this feature.
  • 4. Protections: AC input over voltage protection/AC Input low voltage protection/Low battery alarm/High battery alarm /Over temperature protection/Over load protection Short Circuit protection (1s after fault)
/Back feeding protection


LED Indicator

Battery type selector: 8 battery type settings

Charging Current Control: The max charge current can be adjusted from 0%-100%

LED Indicator:

Power save function on line

Over load trip

Over temperature trip

Charger on float charger mode

Charger on fast charger mode

Inverter power on line,battery charger off

Shore power on line battery charger active


Multi Functions

Auto Generator Start: The inverter can start up a generator when battery voltage goes low.Generator power should be 1.5 times higher than the inverter power.

Battery Temperature Sensor:BTS cable can monitor the batteries for extended life and longevity.

AC/Battery Priority: The AC Priority and Battery Priority switch is selected by SW5.

Remote Control: Comes with 33 foot connection cable, control the power on/off


AC Wiring Method:

120V single phase

Input: Hot line+Neutral+Ground

Output: Hot line+Neutral+Ground


1.The output voltage of this unit must never be connected in its input AC terminal, overload or damage may result.

2.Always switch on the inverter before plugging in any appliance.






Know What You Need To Know On Solar Energy With These Tips

Solar energy can seem confusing and difficult to understand. The good news is that viable information and discussion can quickly shed some light on the topic. Start by reading this articl in full.

How much power you generate is based on how many panels you have and how well those panels work. You should figure out exactly how many panels you need. It might be more interesting to invest in the most performing panels if this means purchasing less panels.

Starting small is key to beginning with solar power. You can buy a solar landscape light set in a box that will save you money on outdoor lighting and reduce your carbon footprint. You can find them at your local hardware store or mass market retailer. Situate these lights out of the shade in your yard for maximum efficiency.

To help save money and protect the environment, install a solar water heater. Many different water heating systems exist, including tankless solar powered systems. You can install one in any sunny location.

Changing your current energy system over to solar energy is a smart idea. Solar panels are costly and will take some time for them to be paid off and saving you money. If you’re not prepared to settle down, solar panels probably aren’t the best decision.

Stay away from salespeople who put too much pressure on you. You need time to get all the information together in order to make a good choice. Buying immediately from any high pressure salesperson may result in making the wrong decision and wasting your money.

Check the inverter frequently if you have solar panels. Look for a green light (or other verification). If you see the light flickering, or if there is no light, you should call in a professional. It’s unlikely you have the knowledge to take care of this problem yourself. Most solar panels come with a good warranty, so a visit from the technician may not cost you anything.

Install solar photo-voltaic panels on the roof of your home or just add a solar water heater to save lots of money on the power you use. You should have five hours of good sunlight a day in order to use photovoltaic solar panels most efficiently. Swimming pools are often heated using solar heating.

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge into a solar power system, consider using a solar attic fan. The fan will turn itself on when your attic gets too hot. As a result, you can reduce your home’s heat, which will decrease cooling costs. And since it’s solar powered, it has no added power cost.

A solar energy system is a great addition to your house as a homeowner. Solar panels are a pretty hefty financial obligation, especially considering how often people move. You don’t want to lose your home or still be paying on solar panels if you decide to move.

Whatever solar energy system you pick, be sure your panels are turned toward the sun. The sun is the driving force for energy-producing solar cells, so it’s important they are installed in a location that gives them direct access to as much sunlight as possible.

Be grounded in your expectations of what you can get out of solar water heating. While even the most powerful versions generate efficiencies one-third above electric ones, they are still worthwhile. It is also important to remember that just because you are showering while it is still dark out that you will not have hot water. The water in the tank should stay hot for at least 24 hours.

Those in the southwestern United States should definitely consider solar energy. This area obtains the most solar power all year, which makes it financially beneficial to your energy needs. Conduct research to learn more about the costs of this approach.

You should consider installing solar panels as an important home improvement project. You should always make sure you do your research, seek out references, and do your price checking. Go over contracts with a fine-tooth comb, and don’t hesitate to have them reviewed by a lawyer.

Try leasing solar energy systems if you can’t buy one yourself. Leasing means paying a much smaller initial cost, which should allow you to start saving within a few months.

If a full blown solar panel system is beyond your current desire, think about solar water heating instead. A water heater uses about third of your home’s energy total. With their lower initial cost, solar water heaters can enable you to see your energy savings much sooner than a fully system.

Dry your clothing outside. This old-fashioned idea is still an excellent way to make use of the sun. Rather than using electricity to both wash and dry your clothes, just put your clothing on the clothesline to dry. Your clothes will get dry and you will save some money and energy.

Using sun trackers is a great way to get the most solar energy production possible. This device will automatically adjust your solar panels so they are always at the optimal angle to capture sunlight. This type of system is more costly than a fixed panel system, but the greater energy production makes the cost well worth while.

Solar panels don’t just light up homes. They can warm your home and heat your water as well. Solar systems can make a significant difference. What will you do with the extra money you’ve saved every month?

Think about having your solar panels connected to the power grid. With this type of system, you can sell excess energy to your power company. You can use this money to offset the money you paid to have your system installed.

Determine how much energy you use and whether a quality panel is right for you. Several smaller panels may be a better choice than a single larger installation, but it depends on your unique situation.

The potential benefits of solar energy for the world are tremendous. However, not enough people seem to realize everything that it has to offer. Fortunately, you gained some important information from this article, and you are armed with enough information to explore your options.